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SkullnScales is run from a spare room in East London. I grew up in swimming in the UK Lake District and later went to Loughborough University to study Design & Technology. I wanted to create a swimwear brand that wasn't just about following trends and cheap manufacturing.

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2% of sales In Aid of better mental health

We believe swimming is a great tool in battling mental health problems and we're delighted to be able to play a small part in helping out. Find out more on Mind's website.

Blog posts

Mens Training Swimwear a Guide

If you are looking for some swimwear to wear while you are training for a specific swimming event or just to keep fit...

Swimming Drills For Beginners

ButterFly Swimming Drills For Beginners Butterfly is the most difficult stroke to swim because requires a lot of co-o...

5 Tips: How to Swim Faster Freestyle

Tip 1: Reduce your drag Don't wear baggy swimwear. Tighter swimwear is more streamlined. You can also reduce drag by ...

How to Swim Front Crawl / Freestyle

Front Crawl or Freestyle as it's often called is the fastest swimming stroke you can do. It's usually the most popula...

Professional Swimming Costumes

Our professional training swimsuits are made using the best fabric around. They are manufactured in Europe and illustrated by artists all over the world.

Mens Swim Briefs

Swimming briefs

Our mens swimming trunks are designed to worn in the toughest conditions. They are extra comfortable and perfect for hard trainers.

Womens Swimming Costumes

Swimming Costumes

Our swimming costumes are made using soft and comfortable Italian fabric. Ideal when you are spending hours in the water.

Crossfit Bikini

Crossfit Swimwear

As well as competitive swimmers our training swimwear is worn by crossfitters for training and competitions.

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