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3 Videos Guaranteed To Improve Your Swimming Technique

Have a triathlon coming up? Not swum much recently but figured its the smallest part of the race and you're pretty sure you can thrash out 1500m in the open water. Sound familiar? Well no worries you'll be fine, but if you want to improve your frontcrawl technique we have picked 3 of our favourite swimming drills to help you train for the big day and make it a bit easier for you to glide into the cycle!

1. Catch-Ups

One of the bread and butter swimming drills for young and old. The premise of this drill is to improve your glide and keep your stroke "long and strong" as they say in the trade. It also helps you practise a good body roll and makes you think a lot more about your bodies position in the water. You'll also notice that if you are lifting your head too much when breathing that it is very difficult - hopefully prompting you to keep you head down. 

Here's a great demo video from Mark Dunford demonstrating how to get it down.



2.  5 Drills Guaranteed to Improve Your Frontcrawl

Here are 5 key drills that if perfected will improve your frontcrawl by leaps and bounds.




3. How to Stop Your Legs From Sinking In Freestyle

Ever feel like your just dragging your body through water rather than swimming in it? Well usually it can be put down to body shape and most of the time its because your head is too high in the water, basically meaning that because your head is high your legs sink down. The buoyancy in your body is in your lungs (because of all the air funnily enough) Have a look at this useful video to help you out!


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