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4 Of The Best Swimmer Tattoos

So I'm a big fan of tattoo designs, not that I have any myself but I love the art behind them. A lot of our patterns are inspired by tattoo artwork and we often work with tattoo artists with some of our products. I decided it was time to write a brief post about 5 of the best swimming tattoos I've come across - in case you were looking for any inspiration.

Adam Peaty's Lion Tattoo

Adam Peaty's Lion tattoo is a great example of a lifelike tattoo drawing. It's designed by Andy Radford - who actually designed a pair of swimming briefs for us.

Peaty on his Lion Tattoo:

"It's a British lion because I'm very patriotic and the lion has characteristics I can relate to - like being proud and strong," he says.

"It reminds me what it took to get that gold and the world record."

adam peaty tattoo

Bruno Fratus Sleeve @victormontaghin

Bruno has a cool sleeve on his left arm - he has gone on record to say that he completely trusts his tattoo artist and is willing for him. The tattoo is a coloured wing with a star, I think I read that he saw it on a wall as a piece of graffiti somewhere and just took a picture and gave it to his tattoo artist and bam, inked on for life.

Frederick Bousquet’s Tattoos

Frederick is probably one of the first world-class swimmers to be inked up. He used to be in a unique club but looks like he kind of set the trend. His swirl chest tattoo is one the first ones he got and it made it very recognisable on the circuit - its the classic tribal tattoo.

Frederick has gone on record saying when he gets inked, his tattooist uses specialist ink and a lotion meaning he can get back in the water the next day - pretty handy if you're a professional swimmer. He also said he in the same interview that he got his tattoo to scare people off, so I'm never really sure if he is taking the piss or not.

chest tattoo swimmer

Anthony Ervin's Sleeves

Ervin has some pretty cool sleeves on the go, full colour on both arms, they are probably my favourite pieces of ink on a professional swimmer. Irvine quit swimming after reaching the top and joined a band and then came back to swimming years later. He loves his ink and his individualism.

Ervin had a troubled time when he gave up swimming. Admittedly his life turned into a crazy, uncontrollable journey with partying for weeks, doing drugs, depression and even numerous occasions trying to kill himself. In 2008, thanks to his friend, who offered him a position at NY swimming school, Ervin pulled himself together and turned his life back to normal. 

“For me, getting the tattoos was a way of reclaiming my own skin, and regaining control of myself.”






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