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5 Funny Mens Swimming Briefs

Looking for some funning swimming briefs to wear for whatever reason? You've come to the right place. Here's our list of the 5 funniest mens swimming briefs. We can all appreciate some funny swimming briefs every now and then.

1. Banana Skin Briefs by Shinesty

These bad boys are a bit suggestive but they are also quite a cool pattern. Shinesty do make lots of weird swimming trunks. They are usually photographs that they just put on a pair of trunks so they can churn out loads and loads of designs really quickly.

funny swimming briefs one

2. Donald Trump Swimming Trunks

Going a little politic on these swimming trunks. Not your average pair of swim briefs but these will definitely stand out in a crowd around a pool. We found these briefs on ebay. Not sure who actually makes them and they probably won't last very long but good for a laugh.

donald trump swimming briefs

3. Another face Splat

Another face themed pair of swimming trunks for you brought to you by Supersocks ironically. They are a little bit high rising but I guess that just adds to the funny side of things! As funny swim briefs go, these are pretty good. The beauty of these funny swimming trunks is that you can upload your own face!

funny swimming briefs with face on

4. Grooms Speedo Swim Briefs

Getting ready for the big day? Are you organising a stag do for a swimming groom? These funny speedos are ideal. Made by Budgysmugglers you can't go wrong with the tuxedo swimming briefs.

funny speedos

5. Denim Speedos

Want to bring some denim to the water? These swimming briefs are the perfect choice. Just take a photo of some jeans and easy, denim speedos. Not sure where you can buy these ones from i'm afraid but I bet if you google denim Speedos you'll be able to find something out there somewhere.

denim speedos man

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