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5 Tips: How to Swim Faster Freestyle

Tip 1: Reduce your drag

Don't wear baggy swimwear. Tighter swimwear is more streamlined. You can also reduce drag by wearing a swimming hat. You can also reduce drag by improving your technique and body position - I wrote another blog post about this here.

Tip 2: Breathe less when sprinting

Every time you breath you are creating resistance. When Olympic swimmers sprint the 50m freestyle they often only breath once in the whole race. This is also about using anaerobic systems rather than aerobic systems.

breathing in front crawl

Tip 3: Don't crossover your arms

Crossing over means your arm pull crosses over the center of your body. This means you are kind of wiggling side to side through the water. It is a very common mistake that beginners can make when swimming front crawl.

Image result for front crawl cross over

Tip 4: Shallow and fast leg kick

Your legs are like your propeller, they provide balance and propulsion when swimming front-crawl. Your legs should be in the water but not in too deep - the leg kick should be shallow, powerful and fast.

Image result for freestyle kick

Tip 5: Lengthen your stroke

Having a short front crawl stroke means you are grabbing less water. You want to be grabbing as much water as possible. The more water you can push behind you the faster you will move through it.

Related image

Read more on how to swim faster in our quick guide on swimming faster.

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