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An Alternative Way To Make Swimwear Patterns

One of the reasons I started SkullnScales was because I felt brands are just churning out design after design after design to try and keep up with consumer trends. This means designers are under pressure to create new patterns all the time.

Big businesses employ designers in-house and sometimes freelancers just to create patterns for them non-stop.

Most of these patterns are made on a computer and a fairly easy to make.

Here is a video explaining how you can make your own seamless patterns with access to programs like the Adobe Creative Suite.

How Swimwear Patterns Are Made

The difference between this type of pattern making and others is that the images used are vector images.

What is a Vector graphic?

A Vector graphic is the creation of digital images through a sequence of commands or mathematical statements. So basically a bit like giving the computer co-ordinates and telling to draw a line between them.

Why use Vector Graphics?

Designers use vector graphics a lot when designing things that need to be printed or scaled up - this is because Vector graphics are not made from pixels so they do not lose definition or 'pixelate' as you increase the size.

Why our designs are different

First of all we pay illustrators/artists/designers a fixed fee for a commission - just like you would if you were asking someone to paint a picture for you or make something else.

We also work with designers who basically draw this stuff themselves by hand. That's the first stage of the process they then transfer it onto the computer - sometimes by scanning it in - or sometimes they will draw it directly onto the computer using something like a Wacom tablet as seen in the video below.

Here is a video of Sam Dunn - one of the talented illustrators we have worked with drawing out a design on camera from a few years ago.

The Design Process

When we work with designers we always have a bit of a back and forth and discussion of what the design should be - generally we go with what feels natural and that allows the artist to basically do what they think looks cool.

As you can see from below the designs we have drawn for us are done by hand.

design sketch for swimwear

Alternative Swimwear Design

This is a new way of doing swim pattern design for competitive swimming brands - it's very expensive and takes a long time but to be honest that is the beauty of it. We love working with talented artists and we don't really work based on trends but I think that's what makes our swimwear more 'evergreen' if you will - because it's not a fashion trend - it's just what we think looks cool!


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