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Can swimming help my anxiety?

For some people, swimming is 'the' most boring sport/exercise you can do. Going up and down in the same lane, looking at the bottom of a pool. I'm guessing that's not you, otherwise you wouldn't here. Well, that's great because if you suffer from stress or anxiety swimming can be a great soother.

I read in Tools of Titans that lots of the most successful people in the world do some form of meditation - now having tried meditation, I am not great at it and nearly always forget to do it - that's not to say it wouldn't work for me, I just haven't gotten round to nailing it yet.

What does work for me though is swimming a few laps. Exercise, in general, is a great stress reliever as many people know but for me, swimming can be more. If done gently and at your own pace without straining yourself too much, the silence of the water in your ears and the bobbing motion of the water can act as a great way to relieve tension and help soothe your mind.

Here's a great article talking about the effects of a hectic lifestyle and how swimming helped the author cope with it all.

No-one is on their phone in the pool, yet.

Well, we aren't at the stage yet where people can swim with their smartphones attached to the face. Well, you could wear a smartwatch but people aren't going to be snap chatting in the pool quite yet. Thankfully there are also laws against photography in pools!

It's an overlooked fact but now in the gym, after every exercise or repetition most people don't know what to do with themselves so they end up snap chatting their gym session or messaging friends while on a break - this is not a break from the normal day to day, people can't switch off.

What's great about swimming is that tech-wise, you are in a bit of a black hole. Unless your swimming with an overpriced Garmin watch then it's just you the water and the clock on the wall (if you're lucky).

I think swimming can be the last bastion of exercise that survives the narcissistic gym buffs. And why is this good for your anxiety, well being on your phone, constantly reading the news or seeing what all your friends or influencers are up to can lead to anxiety as much as stress from school or office work can. Take the opportunity to lock the phone away and jump in the pool.




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