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Competitive Swimwear Brands UK

There are so many swimming brands around most people tend to stick to the ones everyone knows (Speedo). So being a smaller brand ourselves we thought we would share our thoughts on the swimming brands we are aware of and a bit about each one.

These are brands geared towards competitive swimmers - so training swimwear etc. There are thousands of others that are more related to 

Wetsuit / Open Water Brands that make training swimwear

There are a few brands that started out making wetsuits that ended up making training swimwear for indoor swimming too. They don't tend to make the best training swimwear as it's not their core product.

(I'm not a wetsuit expert by any means - maybe try a triathlon website for some tips on that.)

A couple of examples are: BlueSeventy, 2XU, Zone3

UK Competitive Swimming Brands

To be honest there probably are more than this. But Maru is the only one I can think of that has any sort of standing in the UK performance swimwear market. Unfortunately the brand isn't really that popular in the UK at least.
  • Maru - Founded in UK (Nottingham) - 1990

Global Competitive Swimming Brands List

This are swimming brands that are well known in the competitive swimming world. Unlike casual swimwear these brands focus mainly on making swimwear that can be used for training and for racing too.

  • Zoggs - Founded in Australia - 1992
  • Speedo - Founded in Australia - 1914 (Everyone knows the name - basically own the name of swimming briefs - do everything and make fairly good quality)
  • Arena - Founded in Germany - 1973 (Renowned for making great competitive training swimwear and also good quality training swimwear - very expensive when coming to buy racing suits)
  • Funky trunks (Wayfunky) - Founded in Australia - 2002 (bright swimwear with repeating patterns)
  • Amanzi - Founded in Australia - 2010 (Bright swimwear with repeating patterns)
  • TYR - USA - 1985
  • FINIS - USA -1993 (Started by making technical training equipment - they are specialists in training aids really - would highly recommend for paddles and skill tools etc.)
  • Micheal Phelps - USA - 2014 (Much more recent brand - they obviously know what they are talking about when it comes to swimming - but to be honest its just the same swimwear with Micheal's name on it - I do love Phelps but I wouldn't buy is swimwear but lots of competitive swimmers do like the brand) 

For a more up to date list of swimming brands that are worn quite a bit - have a look at Simply Swim's website as they stock quite a lot of brands. Not all of them make swimwear but to be honest most of them do.

simply swim - swimming brands list

What's the difference between them all?

Having made my own brand from nothing I can tell you most of these companies get their fabric from the same place - so that's not usually the problem.

The main thing is usually just style, price and comfort. Some of the sizing is a little bit different on each piece so it's just down to personal preference really.

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