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Crossfit Swimwear - The Best Swimwear

CrossFit Swimwear is essential if you want to get your swimming up to scratch. Swimming is often the hardest part of CrossFit for some people. And in fact I would argue Swimmers are the original CrossFitters as they have being doing cross training from the pool to the gym and other dry-land activities for a long time.

The Best CrossFit Women's Swimwear

We're are biased. We think we make the best training swimwear. And our swimwear is perfect for CrossFit, in fact we already have a lot of CrossFit customers, just as many as we do swimmers. Are swimwear is extra tough and we are a pure swimming brand so we are specialists.

womens crossfit swimwear

CrossFit Games Swimwear

Well the CrossFit games is run by Reebok and unfortunately they don't produce much in terms of swimwear. 

Reebok CrossFit Swimwear

Reebok aren't well known for their swimwear. They don't produce much on the swimwear front i'm afraid. You can have a look at the Reebok CrossFit Swimwear shop here.

SkullnScales CrossFit Swimwear

We make a few swimsuits that are ideal for CrossFit training and WODs. They are ultra tough, designed and worn by competitive or ex-competitive swimmers.

CrossFit Bikini 

Our Swimming Sports Bikini is designed for competitive swimmers but is loved by the CrossFit community. It's ideal for use during those run swim run events when you need a swimsuit that isn't going to hold you back.

CrossFit Swimming Briefs

Got massive leg gains from all your CrossFit training? Speedos or budgie smuggles are probably the way to go. We went one step further and made some bad ass looking swimming briefs that can be worn for hard swimming work outs again and again.

Why swimming training is important? 

Swimming training basically works every muscle in your body. Especially if you do all the strokes. (Backstroke, Breasttroke, Frontcrawl and Butterfly.) You can also increase resistance by using swimming aids like hand paddles and fins. These aids are like putting on heavier weights in the gym to increase strength. It's basically the most flexible piece of resistance training you can do. It's also really low impact - unlike going for a long job and doing some sprinting - you're not going to end up with impact injuries.

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