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Dryland Workouts For Swimmers At Home

Dryland training is a key part of competitive swim training. It helps train and strengthen muscles used in swimming. You don't need to sign up to a gym to do some really useful dryland workouts. We've put a list together of some really useful and effective dryland workouts that swimmers can do at home.

Most of the workouts don't require any equipment and use your own body weight. Using your own body weight is a great way to build strength relative to your natural body composition.


Press ups are great for upper body and core strength. You can start by doing sets of 10 and build your way up in volume or you can add speed and explosiveness for sprinting by doing things. Plyometrics have become a lot more popular recently and plyometric exercises or Plyo push-ups are used by sprinters, Adam Peaty is famous for using Plyometrics in his training.

Here is a good video showing how to do a press-up correctly.

Sit-ups or Crunches

Your abs and core strength is THE most important part of your body to strengthen as a swimmer. Good core strength is essential for any swimmer. Sit-ups are a really easy way to improve at home, if you can do 100 or 500 a day it doesn't take too long and can be an added supplement to your swimming.

Core strength helps with body position, kicking and streamlining and overall fitness.

The Plank

Planking has been used for years to strengthen your core muscles. There a lots of variations of the plank and you can increase the difficulty as you progress up in skill. Here is a useful video on planking and a few different plank variations you can do to strengthen your core muscles.


Now stretching isn't what always comes to mind when thinking about dryland exercises but stretching is really important for improving flexibility in your muscles so you can get the maximum catch in the water.

Stretching your ankles is actually a really good way of improving your kicking in swimming, especially if you are a breaststroker.


Adam Peaty's Dryland Workout

Adam Peaty recently broke his own 100m Breaststroke world record in South Korea and now is setting up his own race clinics. Ever wondered what type of stuff he does in the gym then check out the video below.

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