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5 Exercises Swimmers Can Do At Home

You don't need to have a gym membership or expensive equipment to be able to do some of the most effective exercises for swimmers. These exercises are easy to do and you can hopefully build them into your daily routine so they become a habit.


With the hands at shoulder width and the body in complete tension, lower the chin to the floor and the return. Straighten the elbows but do not lock them. Keep the movements smooth and slow.

Press-ups are one of the oldest forms of body-weight exercises. You would be amazed how many people will do anything other than press-ups.

Reverse Press-Ups (Dips)

Dips are great for working your triceps. Triceps are used a lot in swimming and are actually a bigger muscle than biceps.

Using a bench or similar for stability, straighten the legs put in front. Lower the body by bending the arms, then push the body back to the starting position.

Squat Jumps

Squat jumps are great for building essential strength in your legs for kicking and pushing off the wall when swimming in a pool.

Keeping the ankles, knees, hips and shoulders in alignment, perform squat jumps straight up in the air. If starting with one foot in front of the other, remember to alternate the front foot each time you jump.

Squat Thrusts

Start in the press-up bridge position and thrust the feet and knees forwards between the arms. Straighten the legs out each time they push back.

Rebound Jumps

Start in a position close to the wall with the arms straight above the head, hands just touching the wall. Continuously jump and rebound up and down just using the calf and ankle muscles. This is great for improving you tumble turns.

Flexibility Exercises for swimming

Flexibility for swimming is important because it helps prevent injuries. Especially shoulder injuries which can be very common with swimmers. Adequate cool-down, such as flexibility exercises, help to prevent strains, muscle tears and soreness that normally occur if a swimmer does not stretch.

    Tricep Stretch for Swimmers

    This stretch is one for the triceps and the top of the shoulder, pull the elbow behind the head for a 10 seconds stretch for each arm. 

    Your triceps often get really tight when swimming front crawl. You'll be amazed how much easier swimming can feel sometimes when you do some tricep stretching before hand.

    tricep stretch for swimmers

    Chest and shoulder stretch for swimmers

    Chest and shoulder stretches are essential exercises for swimmers. With your fingers interlaced, turn the elbows in while inhaling and extending the chest up and out as you lift up you arms. Hold this for around 15 seconds. 

    Swimmers shoulders can be prone to injury from over use. Its really important to stretch your chest and shoulders when you are swimming a lot.

     swimmer shoulder stretch


    There are plenty more exercises swimmers can do at home but these are just a few examples to start with.

    Start small by just doing 10 minutes a day and build up from there. It's much easier to commit to a small programme at first and then build from that. If you try to do too much to begin with you will not be able to keep it up.

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