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8 Essential Gym workouts for swimmers

The barbell military press is great for your deltoids, triceps and latissimus dorsi muscles. You can do it either seated or standing, but we recommend doing it seated to reduce the risk of injury, this can especially help if you have lower back problems.

How to do a barbell military press:

1. Grip the bar with your hands. They should be slightly wider than shoulder width.

2. Keeping your back straight, lift the bar into the ‘clean position’ e.g. lifting the bar to neck level.

3. Try to keep your head still and straight then press the bar up over your head without locking your arms out at the top of the press.

4. Lower the weight back down to the clean position and then repeat.

5. You should never lower the bar behind your neck.

The classic dumbbell curl is a great exercise for your biceps. It's probably the most common weight exercise you'll see in the gym. Your biceps are essential for power, especially in breaststroke.

How do i do a bicep curl?

1.Stand with back straight and your palms should face outward away from the body.

2. Keep the elbows just away from the body.

3. Perform the curl without any body movement whatsoever.

4. Hold and squeeze the bicep muscle at the top of the curl.

Your triceps are the bigger of the two main muscles groups in your arms. They are essential for swimming and generally get tired quicker than your biceps when your swimming - this is mainly true when you are swimming freestyle.

How do you do a tricep cable press?

1. Use an overhand grip.

2. Keep your arms tight to the side or the body.

3. Bend the arms only at the elbow.

4. Fully extend and squeeze the triceps at the bottom of the press.

5. Bring the arms back to 90 degrees at the top.

The crunch is a classic core exercise. Using a gym ball is great because it makes you supporting muscles work too - when you do a crunch on the floor your not having to balance much so you are only working the main muscles in your abdominals.

How do you do a gym ball crunch?

1. Well first of all - grab a gym ball, then lie with your back on the gym ball.

2. Keep your feet wide and maintain stability.

3. Using a lightweight dumbbell, use both hands and hold it to the upper chest.

4. Perform a crunch by lifting your head and shoulders up and keeping your core tight.

5. When upright, start to press the dumbbell up and behind your head.

Squeeze hard at the top then slowly return to the start position.

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