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International Swimming League: The Future of Swimming

Swimming is arguably one of the toughest sports to succeed in. Although it doesn't currently suffer from the same level of competition as sports like Football, Rugby, American Football etc. The competition is still fierce and it requires a huge commitment from a young age in terms of time.

Elevating Swimming to the next level

Currently swimming is not a professional sport in the UK, it's all most impossible to make a living out of swimming. The only swimmers who stand any chance are the World Record Holders and the Olympic Champions. And even then the revenue streams are limited.

The International Swimming League (ISL) will provide swimmers with the opportunity to earn prize money, receive appearance money and open themselves up to other revenue streams.

Skins Swimming Race

Some of the more exciting swimming events that are not part of the olympics are world championships like skins swimming will be involved.

What is a skins swimming race?

Skins swimming is a last man or woman standing series of races some one after another with little to no rest. You start with say 8 or 10 swimmers and then you swim a race (usually sprint 50m races), and the person who finishes last is eliminated. You do this until there is only 1 person left.

Supporting your local swimming team 

If you can image Manchester United in football and then think of all the non-professional clubs that are around Manchester. That's kind of how the international swimming league will be. You can support you local superstar team and at the same time swim at your local club with the goal of getting to that level and becoming a professional swimmer in the ISL.

London Roar Swim Team

london roar swim team

London Roar is one of the swimming teams being put together. The London Roar roster can be seen below. The swimmers come from all over the world.

Minna Atherton

Finlay Knox

Holly Barratt

Vini Lanza

Mireia Belmonte

Cam McEvoy

Péter Bernek

Emma McKeon

Bronte Campbell

Taylor McKeown

Cate Campbell

Siobhan-Marie O'Connor

Kyle Chalmers

Jeanette Ottesen

Christian Diener

Adam Peaty

Alex Graham

Sydney Pickrem

Guilherme Guido

Kirill Prigoda

James Guy

Duncan Scott

Jess Hansen

Sarah Vasey

Holly Hibbott

Marie Wattel

Boglárka Kapás

Matt Wilson

Yuri Kisil

Elijah Winnington


More about the ISL

You can find out more about the International Swimming League on the website. It's currently still in its infancy and it has having massive struggles with FINA. FINA has threatened to ban some of the best swimmers to ever live from competing if they race in ISL races. They have since gone back on these threats as swimmers spoke out.

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