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Katinka 'The Iron Lady' Hosszú - Swimmers with style

Swimming can often be a bit of a boring sport, let's be honest. It's refreshing when somebody steps out from the crowd and shows their personality and brings their own style to the pool.

Hooszu - The Iron Lady

Katinka Hosszú is a Hungarian swimmer known for prowess in her the individual medley and her adaptability and all round skill. She also rocks the iron lady tag and has turned it into an international brand. Arena has a whole iron lady collection caped in black and red with stand out graphics. It's got a cool cartoon-like/superhero feel to it and Katinka rocks it pretty well.

the iron lady swimming

The thing we like the most about the iron lady is that - you can take it out of the context of swimming and it still stands up by itself as a cool brand, it doesn't shout or scream swimming at you - something we aspire to.

How many swimmers have their own comic books?

That's right, she has her own range of comic books. I mean that's pretty impressive. I'm not sure what the storylines are but I'm sure it involves some sort of rock-solid superhero woman character...

She also has a few different books on her website that you can buy one of which talks about her time after her disappointment at the London 2012 Olympics.

After suffering setbacks at London 2012, Katinka went through some dark times and found it difficult to get back into the correct mindset, thankfully for us, she got through it. But, she wrote a motivational book about her experiences and released it in Hungary. 

iron lady comic book

Visit her own online store

Not that we are in the business of telling you to go shop on other peoples websites. But if you want to have a look through all the cool stuff she sells have a look through her website here.

We like that the website has a streetwear section and isn't all about swimming, is more about the lifestyle and being able to represent her brand outside of the swimming pool.


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