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Land Training For Swimmers

Land training for swimmers or dryland training as it is often called refers to any activity done outside of swimming pool. But each exercise is designed to improve the performance in the water rather than outside it. There are many benefits and methods of land training for swimming. We've listed some of the best ones here.

If you are setting out to do some form of land training it is recommended that you keep some form of training log.

Here are some examples of some land based training swimmers can do at home or in a gym.

Russian Twist Sit-ups

A strong core is essential for faster swimming. The core muscles in your body are the most used muscles in swimming and a strong core means you will have endurance in every swimming stroke.

Russian twist sit-ups are one exercise that can develop a strong core. Because of the twist in the exercise they help develop the sides of your core muscles rather than just the main abdominal muscles.

Other ways to improve supporting muscle groups could be to do sit-ups on a swiss-ball. Doing this will work your supporting muscle groups as well as the main ones.

Planking Exercises For Swimmers

A lot of you will of heard of planking. A plank is a very simple exercise that helps build strength and endurance in your abdominal muscles. There are also many variations and ways to increase difficulty when it comes to performing a plank. Usually a swimmer will go through a form of progression when practicing a plank and increase difficulty over time.

Without listing out all the variations of a plank in this article you check out some variations here.


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