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Mens Swim Briefs - 5 Reasons To Wear Them Swimming

Here are 5 reasons we think that wearing swim briefs (speedos) is better than training in Jammers or cycling short type swimwear.

1. Better flexibility

Swim briefs give you more flexibility than swimming jammers. Jammers can restrict the movement in the groin sometimes especially if you are swimming breaststroke.

Also if you are doing any sort of stretching before or after swimming - it's a lot easier doing that in swimming briefs than doing it in longer jammers.

2. Jammers can get hot when training

Because jammers cover a bit more area - you can get quite warm if you are doing an intense training session. It's also not hygienic to be wearing more fabric as it can stop your skin from breathing properly. 

Getting to hot while training can be a big problem in some swimming pools when they are heated to around 28 degrees.

3. Swim Briefs Dry Quicker

A bit of an obvious one but because there is less fabric swim briefs dry quicker than jammers. Having quick drying swimwear is pretty useful if you're swimming a lot as you can't use the same pair of speedos for each training session. Most competitive swimmers will have a few different pairs - especially when they are training twice a day.

4. Training Resistance

Training in swim briefs is kind of like cycling in a baggy t-shirt - it's not quite the same but basically if you train with resistance it will make racing easier. If you wear jammers or cycling shorts all the time while you are training and then you come to race and you are still wearing cycling shorts you won't feel the same benefit.

There is definitely an argument for training in racing costumes to train at high speed. That's what a lot of elite swimmers do. Some even train in banned suits and with fins and pulley ropes to simulate going at high speeds - to get your muscles used to going that fast.

5. Swim briefs (Speedos) are back in fashion

Like it or not - Speedos are coming back into fashion - especially in competitive swimming circles. The idea of old guys on beaches wearing them is still a thing but now a younger generation is embracing the Speedo - and why not, at the end of the day it's just a pair of swimming trunks.

We love making alternative swimwear and we think Speedos or swimming briefs can be something that people want to wear - and they don't have to be cheesy or lame.

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