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Mens Swimming Briefs - A quick Guide

We specialise in making competitive training swimwear. And the rising popularity of the swimming brief has spawned a new era of Speedo wearing swimmers. If you are looking for a guide to buying swimming briefs then look no further.

Where to Buy Swim Briefs?

There are quite a few swimwear shops that sell lots of different brands of swimwear. (We only sell direct so you won't find us in there). I would recommend some of the smaller companies in the UK like Allens Swimwear - they have been around for a while and are quite small but well known in the swimming community in the UK.

Good brands i would recommend are Funky Trunks, Arena or Speedo (obviously).

Swimming Briefs vs Jammers

Mens Swimming briefs allow for a lot more flexibility when swimming. They are a little cheaper than jammers - but apart from that there isn't much difference. I think the jammer was really worn a lot because it was less revealing than a swimming brief. And then there was the evolution of performance Jammers for racing - so people ended up training in them as well.

I would say most competitive mail swimmers wear briefs when training - I can't think of many that wear jammers. It's really down to preference at the end of the day.

Our swimming briefs

Our swimming briefs are made using two layers - which is not common in most swimwear brands. That gives you an extra layer of protection and comfort. They are also made in Europe using Italian fabric so they are top quality. I honestly believe they are the best quality swimming trunks you can buy anywhere right now - but obviously I'm biased.

Still not sure?

If you're not sure then the best thing is probably to go with Jammers. The sizing is pretty much meant to be the same as wearing trousers or boxers so you shouldn't have to worry too much about getting the right size?

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