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Swim Pace Calculator

Looking to calculate your swimming pace for open water or triathlon? You can use a swimming pace calculation chart to estimate the pace you are swimming at.

As a competitive swimmer in training you learn to be good at doing maths through lots of calculations and lap swimming calculations are the same ones professional open water swimmers, triathletes and ironman athletes use to calculate their swim times.

Calculation Table For Swim Pace

You can use the below swim pacing table to estimate your time for certain swim distances.

swim pace calculation table

You can access our swim pace calculation table here

How to Keep Pace When Swimming

A good rule of thumb if you are lap swimming is to count the number of strokes it takes you to do one length. This is often a very good indication of how you are doing.

If it takes you 20 strokes in a 25m or 25 yard pool to swim one length front crawl and you are keeping the roughly the same pace then keep aiming for 20 as you get tired. What you'll notice is that it gets harder to stay at 20 and keep the same pace (without gliding too much to make the number). 

Stroke Counting In Swimming

Stroke counting is common practice for competitive swimmers. Most professional swimmers will be able to tell you exactly how many strokes it takes them to get to the end of the lane normally. This is especially true if you are a sprinter because finishing a sprint on a full stroke is essential for shaving off the fractions of a second required.

Sprinting and Stroke Counting

Sprint swimmers need to count strokes so that they finish their sprint on a full stroke. This is to maximise efficiency so when you are reaching for the wall it is at full stretch. Sometimes a swimmer will finish on a half stroke and it looks really awkward and can often cost them a few places especially at higher level swimming meets.

Here's a useful video on how to finish perfectly when sprinting front crawl.

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