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Swimming Drills For Beginners

ButterFly Swimming Drills For Beginners

Butterfly is the most difficult stroke to swim because requires a lot of co-ordination to do correctly, it's also hard to practice if you are not comfortable swimming butterfly - it requires a lot of effort as you have to pull your head out of the water out the front instead of breathing to the side like in freestyle. Here is a useful video with some good butterfly swimming drills to try.

Swimming Drills For Freestyle

Freestyle or front crawl on the other hand is the most popular swimming stroke. But because its' popular it means more people are swimming it incorrectly (unfortunately). There are lots and lots of freestyle swimming drills around but we have selected a video of some useful swimming drills for front crawl that can be practiced to help improve your freestyle stroke.

Swimming Drills For Triathlon

Triathlon swimming is just like open water swimming, but there are some specific techniques to front crawl swimming in open water that are very different to pool swimming. As when you're swimming in a pool you have the line to follow and usually nobody in your way, plus you hit the hall and turn around. In triathlon swimming you need to spotting the whole time so you make sure you are going the right way. Here is a useful video on swimming drills for triathlon swimmers.

Swimming drills for breaststroke

Breaststroke is not often thought as as a very technical stroke. But there is a big difference between swimming breaststroke slowly and swimming it quickly. Generally if you are looking for breaststroke drills then you a competitive swimmer as most open water swimmers or triathletes never swim breaststroke. Here are some useful swimming drills for breaststroke.

 Swimming drills for backstroke

Backstroke is again not a popular stroke amongst non-competitive swimmers as its not exactly useful in open water swimming or triathlon swimming. But if you are keen to getting better at swimming backstroke then practising some swimming drills is essential. Here is a video of 8 backstroke arm swimming drills you can do to help improve your swimming.

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