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Swimming Training Plan - Our favourites

We've put together some of our favourite swimming training planning tools below - have a look through them and i'm sure you will be able to find something that suits your needs.

Swimming Training Plans

Swimming training is a great form of exercise. There are some really useful resources at there for swimming training programs. Here are our recommendations for people wanting to find out more about swimming training.

1. MySwimPro - This is an App that you can download that has all sorts of pre-built training plans ready to go for all levels.

2. Total Immersion - This is like the yoga of the swimming world. It focuses on being ultra smooth. It's beautiful swimming to watch - not the fastest but worth a read of the book to understand the principles. Some of the skill techniques can be a bit tricky so its not for beginners in my opinion.

3. 100SwimmingWorkouts - Does what it says on the tin. It's kind of self-service on this one and there is almost too much choice but its good to get an idea of swimming workouts out there.

4. Open water training plan - If you are looking to do some open water swimming or specifically the famous serpentine swim in London then have a look at the swim serpentine website as they have some specific plans you can follow that are really useful and ideal for beginners.

Types of Swimming Training

Depending on what you want to achieve there are a few different types of swimming training. I am just going to briefly explain the 3 main types as they are all slightly different.

1. Sprint Swimming

This type of training is all about speed. It generally consists of shorter distance and often uses swimming aids like fins and pull buoys to help you train at faster speeds. I would recommend looking for lactate sprint sets if you want to go fast as lactic acid is what sprinting is all about. SwimSwam (a cool swimming website) did this article on lactic acid. Give it a read.

2. Long Distance Swimming

Now long distance swimming requires lots of spare time. You really need to put the time in to get the right amount of distance in. This type of training usually consists of longer sets so for example a sprinter may do 10 x 100m but a long distance swimmer might do 10 x 400m. It's about even pacing at a constant speed.

Long distance swimming is brutal - if you think a marathon takes a long time then think long swimming a marathon takes...

3. Open Water Swimming

Now open water swimming is very different to pool swimming. With open water swimming you have to consider the conditions. It's less about being streamlined in the water and more about sheer guts. You have to also add an element of spotting to your swimming stroke so that you can see where you are going. Simone Ruffini who is one of our customers is a professional open water swimmer - below you can see him looking forward to spot where to go next and what route to take.

Image result for simone ruffini swimming

Training Swimming Costumes 

This is where we come in. We're specialists in mens and womens training swimwear. Me make alternative swimwear used by some of the best swimmers around looking for something a little different.

The key to a good training costume is comfort and durability so keep that in mind. Of course you can go for the classic Speedo Swimming Costume but they are a massive company and they don't always produce the highest quality training costumes around.

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