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The Best Swimming Workout For Beginners

If you are just getting started with swimming and you are looking for a simple workout to get started then check out this one below.

Beginner Swimming Workout

Swimming workouts are usually split into the 3 sections.

1. A Warm-Up: Like jogging before a running race this is meant to be about stretching and warming up.

2. The Main Set: This is the hardest bit of the workout, swimmers have learned to become afraid of some really hard main sets.

3. Cool Down: Idea of this is to get rid of the lactic acid that has built up in your muscles from the main sets.

A note on pool length:

  • In a 25m Pool - 4 lengths = 100m, 8 lengths = 200m and 16 lengths = 400m
  • In a 50m Pool divide all those by 2.

A Beginner Swimming Set

1 x 200m Easy swim - Stroke of choice (there are technically 4 main swimming strokes - I would never recommend doing butterfly as a warm up stroke)

4 x 50m Stroke Practice (Drills) - Drills are basically technique practice. And remember the fastest swimmers have the best technique - get your technique right first and the rest will follow - always include some form of skill/drill/technique work in your workouts.

4 x 100m Hard Swim - 30 secs Rest - Swim as hard as you can for 100m, give yourself 30 seconds between each 100m. Your measure of improvement will be your time. 

200m Easy cool down - That would make 1,000m in total - a good starting point. 

How does it compare to competitive swimmers?

Competitive swimmers will do training sets that range from 2.5k all the way through to 10k depending on the what type of swimmer they are, they will then do these training sessions sometimes twice in a day.

How do swimmers remember workouts?

Well, in swimming clubs, usually the coach reminds the swimmers what to do - but most often it's written on a big white board or sometimes the swimming session is sent around via email before hand and then printed out. A good tip is to write it on your computer, print it out and then put it in a waterproof plastic wallet that you can then wet and it sticks to the wall.

Here is a swimming set listed out on a whiteboard on the left and then the classic printing or writing a swimming set then sticking it on a float that you can prop up by the side of the pool.

swimming set on a whiteboardswimming set on a float

Looking for gym workouts for swimmers? Check out our other blog post on 8 essential gym workouts for swimmers.

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